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Updating recovery w/o entering bootloader

Guest TaiwanCHT8k

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Guest TaiwanCHT8k

Here's everything you need


dload folder (time machine)

UK2.1 folder (T-mobile 2.1, rename folder to "dload" prior to installation)

2507.img (ClockworkMod recovery for pulse)




2507install (run it with Script Manager as root)

First, you need a rooted rom

Granting superuser access:

Use z4root1.3.0 to root T-mobile UK 2.1.

As for other official roms like TRE2.1, HU2.1 and CHT1.5:

1.Use "Upgrade from SD" in Settings to apply the latest time machine [ New:282KB(o), Old:338K(x) ]

remove battery and SD card after completion.

2.put battery back, and then boot up normally,

3.put SD card back, download UK T-mobile2.1 rom to SD, and then "Upgrade from SD" again

4.root with z4root1.3.0

Recovery replacement:

(quicker way: install ScriptManager.apk, and then run "2507install" as root)

Grab any CM rom, browse to /system/bin/

Copy a file called "flash_recovery" to your SD card.

Install Terminal Emulator or Script Manager

and then run the following script as root

mount -rw -o remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image

chmod 777 /system/bin/flash_image 

flash_image recovery /sdcard/(file_name).img

reboot recovery
if you're on a CM rom already, simply run:
flash_image recovery /sdcard/(file_name).img

reboot recovery



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