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Broken Digitizer Glass

Guest Dickins

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Guest Dickins

ToI love my Desire Z. But today, the first time the screen has been unprotected and the fact i was going to buy a new screen protector today made matters worse. And with my luck i dropped my phone onto gravel, placing a nice and juicey crack from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Just wondering what is best to do from here. Should i leave it, having a hair line crack from top to bottom. Replace the digitizer myself (i believe i can do this but has anyone done this before, can u tell me how easy it is please.)

Or shal i claim on my insurance.

This is an unrooted, stock phone.

Thanks , olly

--- also, sorry for any mispellings. This was written on the phone in questing whilst in bed. :mellow:

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