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Help - can't get Calendar to sync

Guest Argonaut

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Galaxy S ... Vanilla v2.2

Had previously been able to get Calendar sync with my corporate exchange account.

Had to factory reset phone as it had locked up.

Reinstall of email accounts went OK ... and selected to sync calendar & contacts.

yet calendar does not sync ... email & contacts do.

Calendar remains blank ...... if I manually create a contact then it shows in Calendar as the 'next appointment'

If I double tap calendar (or go via settings/accounts $ sync it shows that :

background date ticked

auto-sync - ticked

corporate account 'sync is ON' and shows green circle.

If i do a force 'sync now' it spins for a second or so, but does not sync with corporate calendar.

It's not account access settings as email 7 contacts coming across OK

have reset again ... but still no joy.

Any ideas ?

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