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Hi, sorry to be a pest again, I've got a new problem. I have flbmod v1.7 OC flashed and I also flashed the patches. I have an Ismartsim as recommended on another thread here. I input the o2 settings I found, also on another thread.

Although the simtools did not work and the mobile was unable to retrieve settings on request, I was able to make calls and the main display showed Telefonica o2 at the top.

Last night the signal was lost and I am unable to regain it. I have tried re-doing settings, changing settings, I even found a post which advised putting tmobile as the name and the rest standard o2 settings.

The majority of posts I have found revolve around wap settings, however, my o2 sim is not detected at all.

I have been to several places in attempt to unlock, noone has been able to. I imagine this is due to the fact that the main board was changed recently by Tmobile as it had the USB connector fault.

Any help is appreciated

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