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Making Goldcard for Stock Rom Flashing on HTC Incredible-S S710e !!!

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Guest LIG8SP33D


This Page is a full Tutorial of how you can Make a Goldcard For your Incredible-s s710e to flash a Stock rom in your ANDROID Mobile Phone for Upgrading Purposes. If you try using the RRU Vivo Update exe Then it will give A CID (CID = Carrier ID) Error. To prevent this Error and Flashing the rom For upgrading , Use this Tutorial To Update/Upgrade your Phone's Rom via the "Goldcard" . All the best .

Information :

This guide explains how to Change your default rom to a new Rom by the use of a GoldCard . A GoldCard is a special SD card which, when inserted into your device, allows you to flash RUU files with a different CID to your own device. For example, if you own a Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon branded device, this will allow you to flash a Generic ROM and Debrand it .When you CID unlock, you are making the phone so its not "locked" to a specific carrier's rom. This method is also applicable to Unbranded (Carrier Unlocked) devices too. I have Performed this Method for UPDATING The HTC Incredible-S S710E ... And it WORKS !!! . :D

This method is used to Upgrade/Downgrade a Generic Rom version . For example if You have bought a Device with Rom version Froyo and you want to Upgrade it to Gingerbread , Then this method will help you to do so.

This method is to be used on S-ON Devices , S-ON Means that the Nand of the Device is locked and you cannot flash Custom Roms on the device , as it Does NOT Have The Super User root Permissions. If you have a Device with S-OFF Then you can flash Custom Roms to your Device.

If you see "VIVO PVT SHIP S-ON RL" then your device is a locked Device and you cannot root this device. And you cannot load Custom made Roms in your Device . Android developers are trying to unlock the Nand but its not yet done.

How to check wether Your Device Is S-ON / S-OFF :

1. Go to settings tab On your Device and then Go to Power Options and Uncheck the "Fast Boot Option" .

2. Power down the phone (Shutdown) .

3. Now Holding the Volume down button Press the Power Button , You will Boot into the Bootloader Option . You will find the info on the top of the screen .

This Post deals with the Upgrading of the device not Downgrading but i will surely write about Downgrading in my other Post .

Be careful while Using this guide. I will not be responsible for any Bricks . I have tried this and it worked for me fine and on my first try .

What do you need to Perform This Method :

Spare microSD card (2Gb/4Gb/8Gb) , Any brand any speed. I have used MicroSD Card 8Gb Class HC 6 and HC 4 , Both worked For me .

A PC Running windows Operating System (recommended) , 32 Bit/64 Bit Any - No bar . I have used Windows 7 64 Bit and 32 Bit Both and it worked fine on Both .

Latest HTC Sync software installed from the HTC Website. The link can Be found Here :HTC Sync .

HTC Sync is required for drivers only .

HxD Hex Editor, available for download in any language comfortable for you from HxD website. The link to the download is Found Here : HxD Hex Editor.

HxD Hex Editor used for Creating the Goldcard .

You will need a Goldcard Helper Application installed in your Android Mobile Device (This application Helps you generate a so called "Goldcard" by reading your MMC card's CID and by automatically Reversing it. This information can then be used as input for the PSAS goldcard Generator webpage) . This application can be Downloaded from the Android Market . If you do not have a working internet connection in your android device , or your internet connection on your device is slow (No 3G/Wi-fi) then you can also download it from Here : Goldcard helper Tool .

Important : Install the Goldcard Helper tool To the C: Drive of your Android Phone i.e Not on the memory card but in the Phone memory (Consumes Very Little Space).

.Net Framework 2.0 (Usally Inbuilt in Windows 7 64 Bit / 32 Bit .) .

Thats all you need for making The Goldcard . ;) ;)

Step by step instructions : For making the goldcard (Simplest Method - Tried and Tested Working) : :( :D ;)

Connect the memory card via the Phone (Use data mode/Disk Drive Mode , Not sync mode ) . Or you can also use a Memory card Reader if you have the MMC SD Card adapter for the Micro SD Card .

Format the microSD card to FAT32 format (Do not format it in NTFS Format ).

Now open the Goldcard helper tool Which you have Already downloaded and installed it in your Mobile device . And click Goldcard Helper Icon In your Menu Screen .

The Goldcard Helper tool Will Automatically generate the Reverse CID Values for your MMC And The C drive of your System. Use the first MMC Card reversed CID Value , NOT the C: Drive Reverse CID Value .

Use the first One "Card: mmc2"

The CID Value is Reverese in Nature so you need not to reverse it any more . Use The first CID Value (Card:mmc2) . The CID Value will look something like this :


Now Visit The Revskills Page Here : Revskills page .

Enter your reversed CID number and create your goldcard image, which will be e-mailed to you on your provided E-mail Adress within 15 Minuites .

Download the Image File sent To your Mail Id And save it in any location You want.

The Downloaded Image from The Email Will Help you to Make your Goldcard For Flashing Your HTC Incredible-S S710E .

Now Open the HxD hex editor. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must run the application With administrator Previledges (Run as an Administrator).

Go to the 'Extra' menu and select 'Open Disk'. Under physical disk, select Removable Disk (your microSD card) , now uncheck 'Open as Readonly' and click OK. Note that you should select physical disk NOT the logical disk.

This is important (Choosing the Physical Disk NOT The Logical Disk) else you will not have a Goldcard And your Android Phone will not Load the Image File That you place on your Goldcard MMC !

Now Go to the 'Extra' menu again and select 'Open Disk Image'. Open the goldcard image that you received by email. When prompted for 'Sector Size' , select the option - "selecting 512 (Hard disks/Floppy disks)" and then click OK.

You will see two tabs in the Hex editor window - One is your removable disk, the other is your goldcard image. Click on the goldcard image tab. Go to the 'Edit' menu and choose 'Select All' option then select the 'Edit' menu again and select - 'Copy' . The selected sectors will be selected .

Now Click on the 'Removable Disk' tab. Highlight offset (line) 0000000 to offset (line) 00000170 (include the 0000170 line too), then click on the 'Edit' menu and select 'Paste Write'. It will copy Down on to your Mmc card .

Click on the 'File' menu and select 'Save', accepting the warning.

You now have a goldcard .

To Test what we have done : After doing all the procedure stated above. Remove the memory card and then Insert back the memory card to the Phone Or the MMC Reader and check wether it opens up. If the card Says Format Then The card is not prepared , Repeat the steps above to Prepare your Goldcard .

After the Goldcard is Prepared , Rest is very Simple. Download the Rom You want to flash (I will be Posting the Exact image files extracted From The RRU's in my subsequent post's) . If you want you can Download them from there.

I will also Post How to Use The rom image in a Gold Card to Upgrade Your Android Mobile Device In my later Posts .

HAPPY Upgrading Using the Goldcard . !!!

You can visit my Blog Page and follow it if you like my work :My Blog

Note : This guide is a compilation of many guides posted in diffrent forums . To ease the users i have compiled this in a much simpler language and the easier way to understand and make a goldcard.

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