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phone bricked?

Guest DingIsBack

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Guest DingIsBack

I installed the LG sync stuff again today (new PC), and the Updater said there was new s/w for the phone, so like an idiot I pressed update...

only for it to freeze at 4% and brick the phone...

Its stuck at LG logo

I've tried using the KDZ updater but it wont run and says "Windows cannot find the specified device..."

turning phone on in download mode doesn't help

also LG updater opens up, says connecting to phone, connected, new s/w and then disconnected, all in about 2 seconds

I seem to remember this happening when I upgraded from 1.6 to 2.1 ("b"... LG says theres a "d" update...)

Can anyone help?


PS apologies.. I tagged this on to the end of the main topic, then realised I should have started a new one...

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Guest DingIsBack

can someone please close this thread?

after about 20 goes of doing exactly the same thing... KDZ updater started...

then about another 10 goes and it finally found the phone...

although I seem to have gone backwards from 20b to 20a... ah well... try again!

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