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flashing your i900 omnia from windows 7

Guest frank arun

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Guest frank arun

Hi guys,

this is my first post here... I guess my post will be helpful for all here..i read it somewhere in this forum so i would like to thank the original authors..i would also like to thank all of the advanced users who has made this possible.i m creating a beginner friendly post so all can understand how easy it is to flash from windows 7 no need of vmvare,install xp specially to flash ur omnia and besides u need not need a fresh installation to make it work...i flashed my omnia using this method many times without any problems.I m using 64bit windows 7 ultimate..

flashing still is considered risky as many cooks and chefs say so i m not responsible if u brick your phone i don t think u ll have any problems if u follow my instructions...

so tools u need before flashing ur omnia i900.

EXEcutor can be found here http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...86865/executor/

USDL GrandPrix v1.6.4 VISTA

i have included both ExEcutor and grandPrix v1.6.4 in the following link so u need not have to go hunting for it.minors included B)



important: no need to install samsung modem driver included in the rar file coz windows 7 automatically installs it so not a problem..

step 1: download your favorite rom

step 2:extract the contents of the rar file provided by me from the links to anywhere u like.open the ExEcutor folder and double click on ExEcutor.exe some antiviruses detect as trojan but its safe to use see authors thread for more info about ExEcutor

step 3:the default language is unknown to me :D but u can change it to english by pressing crl+E

step 4:extract the contents of the rar file that contains the rom.so u should have an exe file for eg:Yonn_i900_HS_v2.01_21690_2MBCache_XPR_12PP.exe

step 5:now

see image :


step 6: once u click on it a popup will appear just click on the exe file ie; your rom.exe.once you have done that u can click go.It will create a new folder for eg:Yonn_i900_HS_v2.01_21690_2MBCache_XPR_12PP inside u can see 3-5 files depending on the rom.

step 7: open grandprix folder see for grandprix.exe

note:very important: right click on grandprix and run as administrator.or ur u will get error pda not found...

see image :)


step 8:Select the GRANDPRIX LV image profile at the top

step 9:Click Loader/PDA/CSC one at a time, pointing them at the files your extracted using Executor in the folder for ex:Yonn_i900_HS_v2.01... (note that the CSC isn't always present)

step 10:deselect "Start downloading immediately"

step 11:Turn phone off/plug into PC/turn on and press DETECT in Grandprix

step 12:When it comes up as device is found, press START DOWNLOADING

step 13: Phone will reboot, and when the omnia logo comes up again, press START DOWNLOADING one more time

step 14: u have sucessfully flashed your omnia

Additional info

some chefs like Steff195 provide u for windows 7 now this saves u r time even more.so how do i install it??

extract the contents in the rar to a folder u should have 3 files eboot.nb0 , pda.bin, and userdownloader.exe just skip the first 6 steps coz no need to use ExEcutor and follow the steps after step 7 assuming that u have grandprix


1.i get an get an error 'device not found' in grand prix what should i do??(update)

this generally happens when u have reseted ur storage memory or internal memory and connect it without restarting the device..if u get this error don t panic..just close grand prix,switch off ur phone and switch it on wait for a few mins until everything is displayed and then restart ur phone and follow the procedure for grandprix and switch off ur phone and then restart and press detect it should detect...

2.I switch off phone and connect to phone and press DETECT and phone powers up but still device doesn't get detected what should i do??

no worries just restart ur phone again it will get detected

plz do let me know if it worked for u.it works for me so i feel there would be no problems for u all

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Guest nikkodonatte

what if i am using windows 7 32bit ..will it going to work guys?

It works on 32 bit and 64 bit, the most important thing is to run Grand Prix as administrator, in some cases it´s better to dissbale your antivirus before you start the procces.

Sorry my bad english, hope you understand me.

Edited by nikkodonatte
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Guest nagamanu

waiting for the device, no progress from there, i did everything step by step, dunno whats wrong... help!!

Found the solution, downloaded and installed

Windows Mobile Device Center.. thanks

Edited by nagamanu
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