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I have just bought a new ZTE Racer which was on 3, i unlocked it and insterted a t-moile sim but internet would not work so I decided to flash the phone with a custom rom, I have had some experience flashing roms as I have a HTC 2HD with Ginger bread 2.3 and Windows Mobile 7 on it.

Just rooted the ZTE it and installed the boot mgr (Mooncake v.2.3-CM)

I have copied numerous ZTE roms to the SD card and flashed them

Each one my phone just gets stuck on the boot screen logo and thats it. I Have left the phone for 30 mins an nothing at all. I can still load up to the boot mgr (vol down on power up)

Can some one help? or is my phone bricked?


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Have you first installed a recovery rom? If yes can you boot to recovery? If not my knowledge reaches an end. I always install a recovery rom prior to flashing new roms.

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