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is my phone bricked?

Guest lgoptimusv7535

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ok guys, ive spent the last week goin through posts and tryin to deal with this problem. I think ive probably bricked my phone and im gonna problably have to exchange for new one. but i would like to fic=x it myself. heres the deal. my phone is stuckon a blue screen. It says:

fastboot mode started

gpio_i2: invalid khz: 0

bl: i2c write error


ive tryed holding down buttons and i cant do anything with the phone. Ive tryed to connect it to my windows pc. but every lg driver ive tried to load wont let me connect. adb cant find it. what happened was i had rooted the phone allready but wanted to install the cm7 mod so i was going through that package but i didnt know the package i was using had the drivers to install when i allready had newer drivers allready installed. so i tried to stop it and didnt do it in time. superoneclick had already wiped everything. so afer that i couldnt connect back to my phone. Of couse after packing in all the knowledge i could in the last week about all this i realized i made mistakes. But this is where im at. so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions they would b greatly appreciated!!!

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