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USB tethering in Windows XP - working

Guest r0bertdenir0

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Guest r0bertdenir0

I had to look around for this more than 2 weeks couldn't find a fix - maybe this will save someone else the time.

This is an inf file to setup USB tethering in Windows XP.

I have a U8800H which XP was only picking up as "Huawei HSUSB Device"

The tetherxp.inf fix didn't work for me - I had to manually add the device IDs to get it working.

These are the steps I followed:

1. Connect phone to PC via USB.

2. Go into Phone->Settings->Wireless & networks->Tethering->Enable USB tethering.

3. Windows XP picks up a device but doesn't know what it is.

4. Extract inf to any folder.

5. In the Hardware Wizard choose Update from Sepcific Location->Include this Location in Search

6. Browse to folder with inf

7. Click Next.

8. XP detects an Android USB Ethernet/RNDIS network adapter.

At this point I had a network adapter but no connection.

I went into Control Panel & created a broadband always on network connection which was linked to the adapter.

A new Local Area Connection 5 popped up.

But the adapter was disabled & enabling it only gave a "Connection Failed" message.

I turned tethering off on the phone & back again.

The Local Area Connection 5 changed to connected & is working now.

It's possible you don't need to create the connection yourself - maybe just turning tethering off then on will create the LAN connection for you.


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Guest potentiaali

huge thanks! been trying to get it working for two days. it's pretty funny they say it requires windows 7 yet I've had it work out of the box on another Win XP comp...

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