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Official B137 Update, Missing Swype

Guest Özgürce

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I was have the B136 version of rom on my phone. And i want to upprade to b137. Upgrade it successfully. But i have a problem.

I have a root access so i go to cust folder and open the "Swype_U8800_euro.apk" and install it. Package seems like installed but i can't use the swype.

When i try to swich keyboard to swype it's give a swype stopped working error. It happen also trying to access swype settings.

I need help on this.


Edit :

I found the solution but not work completly. I found solution in here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=80

But that swype don't have turkish language. So need turkish languaged swype. Thanks anyway (:

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