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S-Off with Alpharevx

Guest conhen

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Guest conhen

Seems the word is not out here yet:

The latest beta from Alpharevx seems to be able to s-off the DS.

Seen a lot of success stories on XDA, still have to try it myself.

Before I do it myself, I though let's check modaco also, but i don't see anything here (yet) ;-)

Guess that's gonna change ;-) See:




for more info.

Don't forget to post your findings here!

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Guest conhen

I managed to s-off using this tool.

I happened to have a laptop around with ubuntu on it, and it was easy.

Once I got the option to install clockworkmod recovery, i pressed Yes, but it came to a halt with some obscure errormessage

I just rebooted and noticed the SHIP S-OFF in the display during boot ;-)

After that I managed to root through gingerbreak, also no sweat.

I took it off the XDA forums.

I installed Rom Manager through market, and flashed recovery through the interface (root required!)


I guess I am ready to try a different rom.

I'll try Virtuosity later today.

Happy tweaking ;-)

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Guest conhen
hi My hhboot 0.98.0002 this not work can you help me please

Look at: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1078497

I've found that through this discussion on XDA:


Lots of interesting links to mods, roms en tweaks there!

The credits are not mine.

I think developement is really going to start now!

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Guest paddymcn

method does not work

The linux method worked for me and I understand the windows method is working for others.

If you were to state how far you got and what error messages were received some of us may be able to help?

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Guest conhen

Windows method worked fine for me.

Yes, it seems that the windows version has been re-released.

At the time I started this thread they took the Windows version off-line because of some problem.

I have been running Virtuous Unity for some time now, and I must say that Sense 3.0 works great!

The DS is a great phone, and it deserves the newest features ;-)

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