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[THEME] Black Magic - HTC Sense Inspired Theme

Guest That-Guy

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Black Magic - HTC Sense Inspired Theme

Created for FLB Custom ROM


Firstly I just want to say this is my first ever Android Theme and I had to get advice from others to make it happen so a big thank you to them smile.gif

I created this theme using files from B137 Firmware (Android 2.2.2) but may work with other U8800 Firmwares and ROMs.

Theme's Features:

- HTC Sense Style Notification Area

- Circle Battery Mod

- Sense Style Notification Bar Icons

- Carrier Logo Changed to White

- Clock Changed to White

- Gingerbread Style Launcher

- Bottom Popup Menu Text Colour Changed

Installing Theme:

- Copy Downloaded .zip file to Root of SD Card

- Boot into ClockworkMod (Tested with v4.0.0.5)

- Before you do anything else perform a Backup

- Choose Install Zip from SD Card

- Locate the Themes zip File and Install

- (optional) Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache

- Reboot and Enjoy

Download Theme:

- You can download the Theme Here: Download

- MD5: 67866DAA59DF57C47450B899399A0BFB

Download HTC Sense Style Clock Widget

- If you want the HTC Sense Style Clock Widget which is in the screen shots above: Download Here

- The widget is actually Fancy Widget v1.3.0

Big Thanks to:

- Flibblesan - For donating his Modified Launcher2

- TheManicGibbon - Helping me sort Bottom Popup Menu Colours

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it works and its very nice. but i cannot find the htc sense style widget....

Added download link for the Widget in the first post :)

Edited by That-Guy
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The early versions of Fancy widget looks just like the htc clock, but after they got sued by htc they had to make a new one.. here is what i use :)

Have added v1.3.0 of the widget to the first post, which is the version in the screen shots above :)

Cheers for this, loaded it onto my Bosses phone for him today and he thinks its spot on!

Great glad he likes it :)

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Can you make a reverting package? I need one. Users will need in future too.

Just Re-Install the ROM without wiping Data, job done :)

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