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Petition - force on lg update to froyo!

Guest franekmat

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Guest franekmat

I think that I don't have much to write here. At a time when more and more smartphones android get an update to 2.2. LG ignores our phone - LG GT540 Optimus

But there is a chance that this petition will change anything Let's show for lg how many of us are. Signatures are free, so sign up today! Share also petition with family and friends.

Link to the petition:

Update LG GT540 to Froyo Petition


Action on facebook is fast approaching and I thought it worthwhile to attain the details to the end.


Comment content:

We would like to suggest a path for the future development of the LG Optimus GT540 smartphone.

Recent developments on the Android platform have made the 2.1 version of the OS outdated and might render that version obsolete in near future. Most of the current products sold by your competitors are running Android 2.2 and some are already getting updates to the new 2.3 version of OS software.

Optimus GT540 hardware specifications is impressive and should be able to run newer OS version and be more competitive overall. Sadly, the hardware is extremely limited by current software, preventing us users from utilising the full capbilities of your device. Furthermore, we are unable to make use of many applications available to other Android users, since the 2.2 system version is the minimum requirement for them.

Qualcomm recently announced official support for full Flash for MSM 7x27 processor, which the LG GT540 Optimus features, however full Flash requires Android version 2.2 or higher to run. This is one of the many reasons to upgrade our LG to Froyo.

Such update might also generate higher sales of LG smartphones. If people would know that a phone of this brand will have the proper manufacturer's support, updates to new versions of software etc, it is more likely that when finally upgrading to newer device these people will choose LG product again.

We believe that making your product competitive and extending your user base would serve LG's interest as well. As you know the Android platform is rapidly growing and updates are the key to that success.

We hope you will understand our concern and demand.

Time of action:

23.07.2011 r. (Saturday)

hour: 18:00, time UTC +0:00 (in London 6:00pm, in Warsaw 19:00 etc.)


Newest post in this:


lg profile until 23.07.2011, 15:00, time UTC+ 0:00.

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Guest franekmat
Customs roms arent't the same as official roms. Personally I have been using customs roms for..maybe 4 months, but many people are afraid to flash custom roms, because they will lose guaranteed.. Personally I would install 2.2 from LG if it left .
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Guest N3tieb

If you have a problem with you phone you can just reflash it, i did it a few times already and i got everything replaced. You wont be able to force them, LG has moved on already. Speed is the new Star barley anyone knows the GT540.

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Guest rytenuff

Just a proof that our phone CAN run froyo with all of the LG UI modifications (LG probably think it can't): airbus360 on XDA Developers ported the official froyo ROM from the LG Optimus One. Here's the thread: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1171021

....and time marches on...read the thread now, particularly post 118 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1171021&page=12

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Guest darshans996@gmail

can anyone just tell me how to install jellybean on gt540???

ALSO drawbacks and +pointzz

i just rooted my device and im still on 2.1 so please guide me...

also gimme linkzzz of it.....

waiting for positive response....

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