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rooting Galaxy s

Guest =WBG=Cpt_Custard

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Guest =WBG=Cpt_Custard

Just got my new galaxy this morning and im trying to root it but no matter what i try it wont work. Ive tried the one click root over at XDA but no joy.

Is there anything else i can try?

heres some info from the about phone section

Model number : GT-I9000

Firmware version : 2.3.3

Baseband version : I9000BUJV3

Kernel version : [email protected] 103 #2

Build number : GINGERBREAD.BUJV9

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Guest nodixe

Dont know if this helps but on my sgs continuum I had to use SOC twice (soc-reboot-soc 2nd-reboot=superuser)...they should rename it super2click haha....

Sent from my XDA Android-Its more than a continuum...

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Root Android 2.1 - 2.3.7:

1)Download *.rar, extract update.zip

2)Copy update.zip to SD-Card

3)Run Clockworkmod

4)Select to "apply update from sdcard"

5)Reboot, Root !


A few questions about the 5 steps you listed:

1) OK. Got that...

2) Do you mean copy update.zip to the internal SD-card? If so; how do I do that?

3) What's Clockworkmod? And how do I run it?

4) I assume that when I run Clockworkmod I'll find an option "apply update from sdcard"? And I need to click on it?

5) This I get; power down my Galaxy,and restart.....

So 1 and 5 are clear. Clould you please give more info on 2, 3,and 4?

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Guest akkubhai

User point of view Galaxy is better, but when the updates is concerned, Samsung did not give any importance to the S users. I hate samsung for this reason.

Firstly samsung did not provide ICS update to all the Galaxy S users world wide and after a big bang crowd, it released a value pack of the ICS, that's a promo version of the ICS to get the attention.

So we Galaxy S lets be at our own OS not get diverted towards the ICS, The ICS is not a big thing to experience with.

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Guest landreths

Hello all


I have just been given an Australian Galaxy S (I9000) and have had some trouble getting root - I wonder if there is a root for it as the numbers seem diferent to the ones in europe that I see on here.



Firmware 2.2

Baseband I9000DTJP3

Kernal version

[email protected]#7

Build Number FROYO.DTJP5


Can anyone point me in the right direction to how I can root and what can be done to the phone after that to improve is operation?





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