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[Theme] LCARS

Guest original_ganjaman

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Guest original_ganjaman

Hi to all at Modaco.

This is for all Star Trek fans. I have made up a theme to make are vegas look like the LCARS panels used in Star Trek. You do need a few apps installed to make it happen. Most are free, the others can be replaced by free alternatives. This is currently just one screen, i do plan on adding two others. Just trying to find some inspiration for them. Also plan on changing the ENGINEERING text at the top to change when the home page is changed, when i get the time. This is only designed for use with the home screen set to Landscape, this can be set in ADW Launcher settings (explained below).

Apps needed:

Desktop visualizer

ADW launcher (i use the free version)

Beautiful widgets (for time and weather widget, not free)

System Monitor Lite

First install the above apps then set ADW settings as below.

ADW Settings:

Screen preferences,

Hide status bar: Check

Wallpaper scrolling: Unchecked

Hide icon labels: Checked

Auto stretch: Unchecked

Desktop Columns: 8

Desktop Rows: 8

General Behavior,

Home screen binding: Move to default desktop

Swipe down actions: Open/close App Drawer (For swipe panel)

Swipe up actions: Show/hide statusbar (For swipe panel)

System Preferences,

Home Orientation: Landscape

UI Settings,

Main Dock Style: None (expanded desktop)

Applying the theme:

Unpack the LCARS Theme.zip and transfer the files to your Vega, then set the LCARSBackground.png as the wallpaper. Then start adding Desktop visualizer, use the screenshot for reference. The top for buttons are 2x1 the eight middle are 1x1 and the bottom two large are 3x1. The settings button is 1x1, and the two swipe panels are 1x4. Set the image and application settings by tapping the empty desktop visualizer. Making sure to tap clear on the label option. You can go to the trouble of setting the appropriate touch effect colour to match the button colour. Time consuming but makes it look good. Thats it you vega should look like a LCARS pad!!

Have Fun:)


LCARS Theme.zip

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