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Debrand tim

Guest Dariuzzo

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Guest Dariuzzo

Hi all

I whant debrand my Lg Optimus Black Tim..

Is it easy?

Can we give me any tutorial?

Thx :)

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Guest Dariuzzo

Can i use this tutorial?

Is it work?


3) Unpack Windows Enabler

4) Remove the battery from your phone and plug it to USB while pressing Vol up and wait until the drivers are installed (Your phone should look like mine on the following picture)


5) Open your Device Manager and deactivate the "LGE Mobile USB Modem" in the modem section

Resized to 91% (was 792 x 579) - Click image to enlarge6185b1723856e3b8c9616b00af78fb7e.jpg

6) Start KDZ_FW_UPD.exe as admin

7) Start Windows Enabler.exe as admin

8) In your Taskbar should be now the Windows Enabler Icon. Activate it by clicking it

61f9ccba30c661fa3ff97d5d51ab4a4d.jpg 8013f5eae58454ba9adf0269cbd27dc3.jpg

9) Now select at "KDZ file" the downloaded V10A_00.kdz

10) And klick "Launch software update"


11) Let the tool run. Don't klick it, even the Window sais that it's not responding! (The Log can be ignored, especially the missing dll messages)

12) Wait till your phone reboots

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Guest abgar

What do You exactly want to do: debranding ( means removal of brand items from existing ROM ) or flash new ( eventually debranded ) ROM ?

Tutorial above is about flashing new ROM .

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