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Rooting the android based Parrot Asteroid Car Stereo?

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Hi there,

just want to start a new discussion to find help in rooting the parrot asteroid (http://www.parrot.com/uk/products/hands-free-car-kits/parrot-asteroid).

This car stereo is based on android cupcake (1.5) and I am interested in rooting it.

Soe information of the device:

- It has 4 USB ports (hosts). I have no idea about how I could get adb access. (Are there existing adapter cables to use usn host for this?)

- I was able to install a terminal emulator on the radio and have a look at the files but no root permissions.

- AndRoot and other (soft)root softwares could not root the device

- I have no idea how to access a recovery system

- there exists firmware files in parrtos' "plf" format. But I don't know how to extract or modify them.

Any ideas what could be tried?

I have a system dump I did with the terminal emulator here:


any approaches?




Tried visionary+, which can not be installed on the device.


I tried the rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin file....

Current result:

The bin file runs and outputs "forked xxxx childs" but it looks as I don't get superuser access. BTW...Do I need an adb connection to a pc for this? or should everything rund from within the phone?

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