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Recovery for ZTE T-U880

Guest solidchips

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Guest solidchips

Hi everyone

Note: Don't flash any thing from this thread on your ZTE Blade GEN1/GEN2/x880/v880).

If you want to try/test, flash it only on ZTE T-U880, for more details about ZTE T-U880, visit Link.

Clockwork version working on ZTE T-U880

Found it on some chinese website, ClockWork_ZTE_T_U880

- GEN1/GEN2 clockwork recovery is not working on this device.

- Extracted the latest version of clockwork GEN2 by Sebastian404, after some modifications it's working on the device.

Modifications to Sebastian404 Clockwork V4.0.0.5 (attached)

- Extracted the ramdisk.img contents from the clockwork version found working on the device.

- Extracted the ramdisk.img contents from the clockwork version

- Replaced the initialization files of clockwork version with the files of clockwork version

- Deleted the kernel.img from clockwork version

- Repacked the stuff.

- Rebooted into recovery mode, no more blank screen.


- Still can't do nandroid, got an error "Error while backing up boot image!"

- Clockwork displays upside down.

- Up/down volume keys are swapped.

Please help me in removing these problems.

Thanks in advance.


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Guest unrandomsam

Think you would be better off just using the cyanogenmod source

(set it up like for example the huawei ascend)

use a prebuilt kernel

. build/env_setup.sh


make recoveryimage

Don't think there is a reason to bother with hacking about.

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Guest KomatoZZZnik

Clockwork Recovery version

1) Can do nandroid

2) Up/down volume keys are not swapped

How to install:

1) Root you device (with SuperOneClick 1.9.5)

2) Copy flash_image and recovery.img on sdcard

3) Run cmd.exe -> adb shell -> su -> cp /sdcard/flash_image /data -> chmod 777 /data/flash_image -> /data/flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img -> reboot recovery


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Thank you so much for this version of Clockmod Recovery. I have the exact same phone but wasn't able to find anything for it.

Tried many different things but now I finally am able to flash it!

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