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Nexus One gives out 3 vibrations and crashes

Guest Vspirit

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Guest Vspirit

Edited: It may be 7 vibrations, sometimes just 1, reboot, and it reboots ok, but still not good for me as a user

Problem, background/description & multiple questions


  • The phone gives out 3 vibrations and then restart and halts when it comes to an X on the display.
    • Nexus one, bought through SFR(French a la Vodaphone) in France in May 2010, now with Gingerbread 2.3.4 GRJ22
    • Never been rooted
    • When used, it simply gives out 3 vibrations, and then it reboots into the X and halts
    • I need to remove and insert the battery before I can get the X away, and reboot properly.
    • Can be provoked faster if it is hot, or there is a lot of activity on the phone (eg wifi/3g data transfer)
    • If I ask SFR to fix it (I pay 9€ insurance per month), it will take them a long time, and it's very likely they will loose my data


    [*]Does anyone recognise this problem?[*]Can I back it up without rooting it?

    - I like to be able to export contacts, sms', applications, call logs from this phone so I can import it again later.

    - And then I like to return it to SFR for service, without any data[*]Is there a way to restore to default system, after taking a backup of the data, without voiding warranty and insurance?

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