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Star legends mmorpg out now free I'm android market

Guest thugimmortal

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Guest thugimmortal

Hi guys there's an awesome sifi mmorpg star legends from the creaters of pocket legends. I'm trying to get the development team as much feedback on how the game runs on our devices. So that they can optimise the game to run smoothly on our phone. So if anyone plays star legends on the gt540 could you post any crashes or bugs so I can tell the developers.

This link is directly from spacetimestudios.com and its a free app so I'm not breaking rules


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Guest Stephen J. Knill

So no ones playing this awesome game on the gt540 lol

Market Link: https://market.andro...tails?id=sts.sl <--- I suggest using this to install instead of personally installing.

Naaa, apparently not... (To be honest I would never have contemplated playing a "Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game" on my GT540... it simply lacks the RAM that most MMORPG games require for fluid usage.)

While it may be workable for single player games, I severely doubt that it would have the raw guts for multiplayer....

EDIT: Tell ya what... I'll give it a bash latter just for kicks :P (And I'll compare it against my V9, which has the same CPU but ample more RAM)

Added #2: Works well on my V9, screen on the GT540 is a tad small to be sufficient tho really... (not to mention it takes a damn long time to load on my GT540... due to the horrid lack of RAM)

Added #3: Err, naaa stuff that... screen is way to small. (Like I said before tho, works well on my V9... but the screen and RAM are over double that of the GT540)

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