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Guest alpha232

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Guest alpha232

Hey, just in case some of you haven't been following any of the goings on with the hannspad, here's a head start.

Modified CWM to work with the hannspad: http://blair.be/hannspad/recovery.rar

Just extract the update.zip from the rar file and place it on the root of the sd card, reboot holding VOLUME + in and install it from stock recovery.

The tablet has APX mode which is useful for recovery if you happen to mess up recovery or any of the partition layout, there's even an automated bat file for windows to guide you through it over at Slatedroid.

I've just released a froyo rom using a modified zeam launcher to fix landscape icon spacing issues - the rest of the rom is reasonably vanilla, rom thread is over here: http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/20774-rom-hannstitan-v02d/

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