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Restoring Galaxy S back to Factory state

Guest klx

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I have a question regarding the restoration. Any help is appreciated.

At its current state my SGS GT-I9000 is now "lagfixed" and *not* rooted.

The question how to root the device because it has been converted to EXT4 filesystem. With Odin. I think I have to root it because the lagfix has to be removed first(?)

Current settings are:




(Baseband: I9000XXJVO)

I have to get the phone back to NEE CSC, otherwise same settings.

Is it possible to just flash it with NEE 2.3.3. firmware using "re-partition" setting from Odin?

(Sorry about new thread, you can move or combine this to some other thread.)

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The best way to root a galaxy is to flash CF-root kernel:


It is the stock kernerl + root, Su, Busy box and clokcMod recovery.

You could also root flashing a custom room.

You have to undo any lagfix, I mean file systme needs to be on RFS. This is quite easy, depends how did you apply the lagfix (voodoo, colckworkmod, etc..)

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