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Gadgets not working!

Guest Tubbs22

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Guest Tubbs22

Hi All,

New to this so please excuse my lack of technical knowledge...:unsure:

My HTC desire s died on Friday night after running out of battery power (does anyone else find it is quite poor with it's battery life?), anyway I tried turning it on about three times I think while it was still dead to see if I could get any life out of it (maybe this wasn't the best thing to do!). Once home I put the phone on charge and turned it back on only to find that two of my gadgets were no longer working!

The actual message in place of those gadgets that were on my home screen says 'Problem loading gadget', has anyone else ever experienced this before? It is very annoying as I don't know how to get them back, the apps were all fine, Google bar needed to be placed back on to the home screen again too.

The gadgets experiencing issues are;

1) the square box that controlled the ringtone setting of the phone (ringtone, silent & vibrate, silent, ringtone & vibrate)

2) the icon bar which displayed the 5 icons which would activate on touch (wireless, bluetooth, gps, can't remember the other two)

Can anyone out there please let me know how to get these back, it is really annoying especially being without No.1)

Thank you!!


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