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Recommended Cases (Ebay)

Guest Gibbo501

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Guest john.smith


This one is not so leather looking but still feels good in hands, also cheaper even if you use RoyalMail 1st Class (called 4PX PostLink there) for 5 day delivery to UK. biggrin.gif




i got this yoobao leather case for my eee pad

and it feels good in hand and of premium quality !

plus theres free shipping with any orders although it takes some time for my item to arrive . (10days)


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Guest lemonoid

I seriously paid $4 total for case and shipping off of Ebay, its leather with a folding back so you can prop it up, and I was kinda skeptical when I ordered it, but hey it was only 4 bucks, but when I got it I was not disappointed at all. I'm going to go check my ebay and see who I got it from and let you know. I think I also got a pack of screen protectors for $1 from the same seller, and they are not any less quality than spending $35 for two. I'll post back soon with the link.

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