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Bricked Defy

Guest pvo

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I have updated my Defy's software using the official Motorola Software Update software. The update process passed through but at the end the phone not booted.

The error message is the following:




Battery OK

OK to Program

Connect USB

Data Cable

I have browsed the forum for some help but found nothing. I have even tried to reset with: Vol Down + Power + right down tap. But the small droid doesn't come up.

After that I brought the phone to the official Motorola service. They dropped the two-year long warranty!

They say I have illegal software installed on the phone. How can it be? They promised a free repair if someone from Motorola support reply in support forum and clarify that this error message doesn't mean illegal software!!!

Here is my motorola support post: Motorola support forum

Any help is welcomed!

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pull battery, wait a few secs then

hold power & the down key

when you see the android triangle, press both the vol up & down keys together, should get into stock recovery menu

failing that, sounds like you are still able to get into bootloader (power + vol up), you can use rsd lite (search "how to flash rom using rsd lite". the search results might even point to this forum! ;) ).

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