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[Bootanimation] Blue Spinner.

Guest FatherD

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Guest FatherD

28.08.11 - Blue Spinner

Nice simple alternative Boot animation!

please back up before making changes to your system - no responsibility here!


click image to play low quality .gif the actual animation is much higher quality!

Initial edit of default t-mobile bootanimation using store to zip (no compression)

Not in a flashable .zip, so it has to be copied to /system/media using your favoured file explorer, or using 'adb push'

If like me you are running the t-mobile v10c firmware here in the U.K. you might have the same issues as me with gaining full root, as in /system is not writeable -

I get round this by issuing the following command in Terminal Emulator

# busybox mount -o rw,remount /system

Once the file is copied in - make sure that the permissions match the following:



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