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ideos x3 vs ideos x5

Guest Schejtan

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what is your opinion regarding the ideos x3? it is on sale in Germany for 99€ this Thursday.

i would like to read some opinions :)

as i do not like the big screen phones the 3.2 inch display is more an advantage than a disadvantage. but i am not sure about the performance (especially for the future) and the tiny battery.

i think the price of 99€ is really interesting.

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Yes, Blade does beat X3 by spec, but I actually liked X3 for being slimmer, smaller, lighter, and more snappy response.

I think X3 is a great Android phone for girls, while Blade is a better looking phone for men.

X5 performs the best among all three, but the look is.... not quite as smart and the heaviest as well.

Check it out for my not-so-comprehensive Angry bird test on YouTube (without X3 at the moment, it's in factory for producing jelly cases).

If Ideos X5 (U8800) is way above your budget, then go for the ZTE Blade

see http://www.gsmarena....1&idPhone2=3840

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