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RESOLVED: Download mode problem

Guest cbfrider

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Guest cbfrider

Hello everyone,

This is my first post and I apologise in advance for being totally useless with my mobile phone.

I have owned my GT540 for just over a year and have had only a few minor problems with it in this time. Today, however, I had left it on my coffee table working perfectly normally but when I looked at it to check for messages sometime later, all it was showing was a black screen with "download mode" displayed across it.

I have no idea what this means or why it should inexplicably decide to go into this mode when I had left it there quietly minding it's own business! I've tried taking the battery out and then re-inserting it but to no avail, it ends up back at the "download mode" screen. It doesn't respond to any buttons that I press. I've tried searching various forums for help but as I said before, I have little understanding of anything tech as far as my phone is concerned.

Any help would be very much appreciated......layman's terms where possible :rolleyes:



EDIT: It would appear the problem was something to do with my memory card - take that out and the phone works just fine again. Glad it was something simple :D

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Guest Stephen J. Knill

"Download Mode" is just what it says, the mode to allow the phone to receive an update via the USB cable... a faulty memory card should never cause it to reboot into download mode (As this requires a specific command input, or manual intervention.)

A faulty memory card should still allow the phone to boot, but the system will say it's damaged and can't be used. -- If you've got a friend that is pretty tech savvy, I'd suggest asking them to test them for you (As I believe there's more at fault here than just the card)

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