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Andypad Pro ROM (30-Aug-2011)

Guest lilHermit

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Guest Csharpe

Do U know how can I open it? I use more tools but nor work...or how I can put on the andypad pro?? I need help...

You need the RockChip flashing tools (e.g. the one for Teclast), and I also think flashing from SD works (once drive is remounted it'll ask to flash). I haven't tested that though.

As for unpacking the update.img, use AFPTool.exe from Windows (or wine..), to unpack system.img you have to unpack the cramfs (7zip can do this, or mount it in unix using the cramfs mount command).

kernel.img format: [KRNL 4 bytes] [ 4 byte kernel.bin size (little endian)] [ kernel.bin content] [rkcrc 4 bytes]

boot/recovery.img format: [KRNL 4 bytes] [4 byte initrd block size] [ initrd block (gunzip + cpio)] [rkcrc 4 bytes]

AFPTool has a pack command too. Wendal released some great tools for the rk2918 SoC.

Should get you started I guess?

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Guest zmasterq

I tried it but not work it.i cant open it in "AFPTool.exe" from RK29xxImageTools_v2.1 i dont know.can U open it and post link to download it?or some tools what work..??

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Guest Csharpe

How would I install this one my Andypad Pro if I would want to go back to "stock" ?

I tried using the Rockchip flash app & the tools that came with your rooted rom to no avail.



You can unpack it using AFPTool & flash it using RKAndroidTool (the batch one that accepts single images).

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