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!!HELP!! !!My X5 wont start!!

Guest ootyposoo

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Ok so here is my story...

I installed CWM latest version!

After that I installed the FLB R7 Custom ROM, to continue modifying I installed the Gingerbread Skin that I found on the ultimate phone guide right here in the forum and here is when all the problems start!(I dont blame the guide ofcourse I am just telling :P)

So after that, all of my previously installed apps didnt work they were crashing and crashing.. on the top of that my phone was laggy, so i decided to re-install the ROM so i cant reverse the skin thing!

Reboot it in recovery, did the proper steps I found in the install tutorial of the ROM, and rebooted.. And I am stuck there, the mobile aint gonna start... So i am stuck here tryed to reinstall again, and the stock rom also but still aint got any resault I need immediate assistance! I aint gonna buy a new phone as I bought that about A DAY AGO! I am kinda desperate :-S

So thanks for your time!

PS: No the logo isnt going shine or anything it is completely stuck!

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Thanks all for the interest!

I manage to get it working, I had to go to CWM- Mounts And Storage and format CACHE, DATA and SYSTEM! After that I flashed same ROM and it booted normally :)

I guess the files of the first copy of FLB R7 I had were corrupted some how!

Ok so thanks again! (I won the bricking curse once again! Muahaha B) B) B) )

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