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Skype and dialer defaults

Guest savagekevin

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I've installed skype on my Desire (HTC Gingerbread) and the phone won't ask me which dialer (the original or the Skype) to use to place a call - it just goes straight to the HTC dialer.

For SMS, the phone asks me correctly, skype or messaging, with the little tick box to make it default if I wish. And I can place a call within the skype application fine, but that's a pain. I want to have the choice from wherever I'm initiating a call, like from within contacts.

I've checked the dialer settings in the application manager - the default clear box is greyed out with the statement 'No defaults set'.

Anyone know what the problem is?

My next idea was to install a new dialer to see if it will reset something so I get the choice back again.


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