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refreshed Gtabccomb3.3 build

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this is a pearoast of the thread on slatedroid.

This is a quick refresh of the Gtabcomb 3.3 release that AC3 and freddlys put out, many thanks to the guys at http://www.guilde-bi...es.fr/hannspad/ for the initial release.

I've included some tweaks and fixes to optimize it a little, I included the v2 of archimedes script (and linked to it so it actually runs :D)

I've also included chainfires GL drivers well, I recommend getting his CF3d app if you dont have it already! to control them (the originals are in the system/lib/ as well

I got rid of the data mounted as loop partition as I've found in the past that they can cause more grief than anything. I/o scores have dropped a bit as a result in benchmarks, but the loop is a cheat...

scripts start, some of the files have been replaced with newer/more stable versions, plus I've cleaned it up a little to make some more space where I can.

It has AB73s latest kernel in there,(wifi light works) and I've changed locale to En_gb (sorry Freddlys :D )

pretty much everything I've changed can be done by anyone with a bit of knowledge, so its not exactly going to set the world on fire, but it does seem to be a nicer noobie friendler remix.

**** what I haven't done yet******

move /cache to internal_sdcard/ & resize /system/ to the full 512mb mtd.

made it forcefully mount data as ext4 rather than ext3


images flash as boot.img and system.img in the update.zip from CWM install zip from sdcard.

but if you're running the last gtabcomb you **may** need to fac reset due to the change in the loop for /data, I know I did!

md5sum fb361dc53bb75dd7864fb1637df99f14 GtabCOMB3.3_refresh.zip

mirrors for the file:



There's an error in the boot.img

if you get an error 7 or assert error

before flashing, open the existing zip, and copy the boot img from this new zip to that one..


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