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Official T-Mobile Pulse u8220/u8230 software update (Android 2.1 - updated) ~ !! WORKING LINK !!

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February 2011: T-Mobile Pulse software update (Android 2.1 - updated)

This software will update your T-Mobile pulse to the latest version of software (Build number U8220V100R001C85B836SP01). Before you apply this update, you need to have:

  • A backup of your data - the update will wipe your phone. Data you sync with Gmail can be re-sync'd after the update, but other data e.g. SMS, media etc... should be backed up
  • A fully charged battery
  • A Micro SD memory card with more than 256mb of free space you can copy the update to

  1. Download the update file
  2. Unzip the file U8220V100R001C85B836SP01.zip to a location of your choice on your computer
  3. Copy the files you just unzipped (the “dload” folder and all its contents) to the root directory of your MICRO SD card
  4. Insert your MICRO SD card into the handset
  5. On your Pulse, go to the Main menu, then select Settings
  6. Within Settings select SD card & phone storage
  7. Scroll down, under the Internal phone storage section select Upgrade
  8. The upgrade process will give you several warnings which you need to confirm to continue
  9. Then press the Upgrade option to begin the update
  10. As the update progresses you will see several screens along with a progress bar
  11. Once complete you will see a confirmation screen, and your Pulse will automatically restart
  12. Once restarted your Pulse will be up to date with the latest software

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Just to be clear, B836SP01 rom has also been referred to as the "2011 UK update" in this forum. That might clarify things for people who aren't keeping up with the numbering system.

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