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Guest XiaoKai

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I am intrested in purchasing the Moto DEFY

Now i saw the DEFY+ is comming out end of this month and the only diffrence seems to be is the CPU

DEFY: 800MHz Cortex-A8 processor, TI OMAP3610 chipset

DEFY+: 1 GHz TI OMAP 3620 processor

and the OS, DEFY+ has 2.3

Just for thoes 2 things is it worth paying more and waiting to get the DEFY+?

Also how unlockable is DEFY? As i am on o2 and wish to stick with o2 and have seen some posts about DEFY being expencive and difficult to unlock.


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Guest nvkid909

I would defo go for it ONLY if I knew it won't have earpiece failure like the old defy, I am on defy no. 2 which I'm told is a newer one but still came with 2.1 :rolleyes: (wait & see), personally I like being able to use setvsel overclock so not much difference to me at least.... is the defy MORE waterproof than the last!? :lol:

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