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LG Optimus battery drain

Guest kfcisntchicken

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Guest kfcisntchicken

Hi all i have a problem with my gt540 which means that when i have charged it the battery level will slowly deacrease for about 3 hrs then in the 4th hr will drop rapidly to 15%. my phone has all bat saving options turned on so thats not it and the wifi is always off as is the gps and the brightness is down but even if i turn it off at 15% it will not turn on it will just come up with the lg logo and then go black. Saying that when the phone is connected to a charger performs faultlessly and does not do anything it shouldnt. The phone is about a year old and i was wondering whether the battery might be the issue. If you guys could resolve this it would be much apprieciated. Thank you



This phone is running official 2.1 software and no cyanogen mods have been installed.

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