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Restoring to stock ROM walkthrough

Guest djzing

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I have Honeycomb ROM at the moment but I'd like to go back to stock ROM, can i just download update.zip from hannspad website and update it from CWM?

Please if someone can clear up the steps to do this as I am afraid to brick it.

Thank you!

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it would be better to use nvflash to restore the entire thing.

to flash the full stock update. zip you need stock recovery, and by the sounds of it, you dont know how to flash that back again.

if youre on 1653 build then use the nvflash recovery package i posted

you need to extract it to your pc, turn off your hpad. plug it in to usb. hold volume - button down and press power on while doing so.

then when it asks for drivers (if youre in windows) select have disk option and point it to the zip folder you extracted.

as long as that goes okay click the bat file and watch the instructions. if it completes boot it into recovery (volume + and power on)and if text is blue youre back to stock. so peform factory reset and reboot

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