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Help - Phone dead

Guest yatindestel

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Guest yatindestel

using method given in another topic, i had updated my phone successfully to 2.3.5, CM 7. it used to get restarted once in a while, but that was due to problems with the SD card. i was going to look into it next week. till then, i was enjoying this updated phone.

but today morning, while playing a game (Inotia3, dont know if that matters) my phone suddenly switched off and won't restart at all.

removed SD card, removed-reinserted battery, tried connecting to PC, tried pressing all combinations of buttons, kept it aside for sometime. tried recharging.

but at the end of the day, the phone is still dead. only, when i try to charge it, it is heating up a bit, more than usual.

can some one help me?

Since the warranty is void, what response can i expect from LG service centre?

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