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Almost bricked, could use a little help please..

Guest david_dawkins

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Guest david_dawkins

12-Oct-2011 FIXED!!

This post explains why, provides the files and instructions on how to fix it:



Here's the sad sequence of events. I thought I'd upgrade my wife's Defy from UK T-Mo/Blur to anything newer. They were good intentions, I tell you.

1. Installed defy-recovery, a nice port of clockworkmod so that I could do a full nandroid backup

2. Copied a cyanogenmod zip to SD card (no flashing performed at this stage)

3. Factory reset/wipe cache/wipe dalvik cache

3. Installed the CM zip

4. Everything looks great!

5. Realized I needed to get gapps installed, so copied them onto the SD card, but then my troubles started when I...

6. Reinstalled the recovery partition from (1)

7. Result: Hangs on initial splash screen on reboot

From here on, I've been learning about RSD Lite (you need 4.9 not 4.6) and flashing everything I could lay my hands on.

First I flashed UK T-Mo 2.51, but this resulted in no boot screen at all, a truly scary moment. Luckily, RSD Lite could

still flash.

I then flashed UK T-Mo 3.4.2 (Froyo 2.2?), but then couldn't get root with ZRoot (later learnt how to do it manually).

Then I flashed this:


from this thread:


At this point, this is the *only* SBF I can flash now to get a working phone. Even if I use that as a starting point and apply

updates from the SD card, I end up with a hung boot screen or a boot loop. Even when I restored my original backup, I end up

with a boot loop.

So, you see I've got myself into a bit of a pickle. Is anyone able to help? Please?!

Edit: I should be clear about what I'd like to do! I'd like to be able to either get back

to where I was, or to 2.2 or 2.3. I definitely want to get away from the "JORDN_U3_97.21.51" build. Thanks!


Dave D

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