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[DEVS] Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001

Guest mikeeo19

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Guest mikeeo19

Recently I've started to notice the need of developers for this phone. And as i've been searching for stuff about this phone one thing popped in front of me. There are way too much users owning this phone, but nothing such as custom ROMs, Kernels, Themes, LAGFIX, Tweaks and you know what. So if you're having any free time, experience or you know someone interested please make the word spread.

Everyone doesn't have so much spare time to start to study developing and cooking roms by their own. Others might have problems with language.

Actually I know ONE developer for this phone and he doesn't even have this phone.

Any help, advice or anything is a start. Thank you so much in advance!

EDIT:Here's the only custom ROM for now (it's not working. Some have got it working after replacing the META.INF files) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1283346

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