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safe mode ??

Guest hackerse7en

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Guest hackerse7en

today i was playng with my OB and i was cheking if there was some keys to get into recovery. and i discover that if you press

"VOLUME DOWN + G BUTTON + POWER". the phone get into "SAFE MODE".

basicaly the phone starts normaly but if you check you menu the apps that you have installed dissapear the phone starts like a factory reset and appears a note in the left down corner saying "modo seguro"translated"safe mode ". and i installed a new app from the market he installs but didn appear in the menu and if i launch the app from the market the option "open" isn´t avaliable. just chek the images bellow.

if you have a bricked or malfunction in your OB is a good chance to try this out..

let me know about the results





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