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problem with malez recovery

Guest hsn.ahmed

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Guest hsn.ahmed

i am trying to install a custom rom on my Liquid acer S100

so i installed malez custom recovery 0.6.2 (the easy installer method)

i can boot to the recovery menu but everything i try to do fails

whenever i select anything it says aborted

flash aborted

wipe aborted

POWER OFF aborted

even Coppy recovery.log to sdcard aborted

please help my phone is useless that way

i am now using 2.2 rom which i flashed using a .bin flashtool. its even slower than my old 2.1 which i cant restore right now

btw, i rooted it visa superoneclick

and i think it was successful cuz i can use root explorer r/w mode

at the last step of installation (after OS boot)

i see this message at the adb log

rm failed -for read-only file system

is that whats causing the problem ??

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From first post of malez recovery thread:

The recovery images will not work on factory AAP, CSL or FET devices untill you do a full flash An updgrade via acer download tools is needed. You will have to flash to an EMEA rom (thanks to Nova2.1 for his help)

Can this be your problem?

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