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[UPE/ROM/FFU]★(¯ `•.Windows Phone ® 7 for Toshiba Tsunagi TG01/T01A[7510_#1].•´¯)★

Guest nokser

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General Informatin Windows Phone ® 7 Image System:

This is a first develop. system Windows Phone for Device Toshiba TG01 codename: Tsunagi. All specifications tailored to the structure of the software. The image of the system, it is decompressed to the device, where is a general OS image partition. Rebuilt this system looks somewhat different than on other devices. The main bootloader like structure, like that of Samsung devices, or some HTC, and the way his work, whether in the executive options. A system is strongly stretched under tsunagi hardware requirements. However this does not work and the use of TG01.

Construction and Structure Informatin OS Image:

The image format will be D000FF/.bin, and so our current tools should work fine with this, if only we decopress the current file. In the first lines of the OS image, we recorded information about the device, addresses loading data partition. This is the header image, which helps when loading the operating system. Saved are in it also provides information about the version of the system. The physical flash layout will look as follows: Windows Phone 7 - ROM Deployment and how it will affect us. But we must remember about the changes that exist from the fact that it is a device with a different structure and its system partition is also a little different.

Current State of the System Image:

Currently the system has many drawbacks. The only problem is not operating the camera, it's probably one of the more imperfect During the update, windows phone, will be corrected all defects and faults.

About Info System Windows Phone for Tsunagi:

- Windows Phone: 7.0

- Platform: Tsunagi

- BLDR Version:

- Modem: DFP-SDCAOWZM-221001-1

- Software: Windows ® Phone 7

- OS version: 7510

- Firmware revision number: 7.00.7510.0

- Hardware revision number: 112.576.2.0

- Radio software version:

- Radio hardware version:

- Bootloader version:

- Chip SOC version:

About Info Supported Devices:

-Toshiba Tsunagi TG01

-Toshiba Tsunagi T01A


Please, not write this image for Tsunagi Device, because this image not have a Bootloader section.

If anyone have ideas, how to write this in normal method, then send me PM, i test any method in my Toshiba TG01.

I have a complite Image WP7 for this Device, but not have method upgrade this for All Users.

Download System Image Windows Phone:



If we are ready bootloaer in the device (blue LED).

After pressing the button - Camera and Power:

Maybe this will help someone.

Copyright © 2010-2011 UPE Production by Nokser

All Right Reserved.

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