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[UPE/BLBR/FFU]★(¯ `•.Update Bootloader WP ® 7 for Toshiba Tsunagi[Method#1].•´¯)★

Guest nokser

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About Info System Windows Phone for Tsunagi:

  1. - Windows Phone: 7.0
  2. - Platform: Tsunagi
  3. - BLDR Version:
  4. - Modem: DFP-SDCAOWZM-221001-1
  5. - Bootloader version:


This is a #1 method upgrade new bootloader wp7 for tsunagi.

Everything you do at your own risk. I do not bear the losses, for any damage.

Download System Bootloader Windows Phone:


Copyright © 2010-2011 UPE Production by Nokser

All Right Reserved.

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