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[HowTo/QPST/UPE]★(¯ `•.Update your Windows Phone ® 7 on Tsunagi.•´¯)★[Method#2]

Guest nokser

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This is a small tutorial, how to update first release Windows Phone ® 7. All info you find in this site.

Step #1

We search program QPST version: 2.7 build: 366 in internet, or … ;) .

Next Install this program in your PC/Laptop.

…in this moment, give to you small package, where is WP7 image and other files.

Extract this package, maiby in example for “windowsphone” folder…..

Step #2

In Tsunagi device you run -> Factory Mode (turn off your phone, and press: up, and down volume + press power button, at one time), Must display a sign on the screen: Factory Mode, etc.

Now you run QPST Configurations from directory QPST (find this in Program Files, or in Start Menu)

Go to tab “Ports”…. click “Add New Port”, if you phone not display, then uncheck checkbox, and select active device. Do not close the program ;)

Step #3

Run Software Download, from this same location(qpst folder)

Important: if you not see your phone in port line, then you must select hin in “browse”.

In first tab, check “Phone Image”, next click “browse” and select file, from “windowsphone” folder: NPRG8650.hex

Next go to “Multi-Image” tab

In location “Image Folder”, select folder “windowsphone”

If this possible, change Boot System(combobox) to Sec Boot 2.0

Next click “Advanced”, then you see new windows, and select files:

  1. dbl.mbn
  2. fsbl.mbn
  3. osbl.mbn
  4. amss.mbn
  5. apps.mbn – this file you must uncheck ;)
  6. appsboot.mbn
  7. flash.bin
  8. dsp1.mbn

Info: The rest of the files must be unchecked. The order of the files is the order of the program.

Now click “OK”, then press “Start”.. and waiting for end process.. phone restart, and he run Windows Phone. :D

Everything you do at your own risk. Do not assume, responsibility for any damage.

Download QPST:


Copyright © 2010-2011 UPE Production by Nokser

All Right Reserved.

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