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Advice re upgrade to Vegacomb

Guest Scooby99

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Guest Scooby99

Hi – this is my very first post on this forum, and I have absolutely no knowledge of Android (never used a phone or tablet with Android). Any installations will probably be done by a techie friend, but if you can assume I am a complete dummy you are probably overestimating my ability.

I am hoping to buy the Vega over the next week or two (anticipating a price fall when Vega II is released next week). The tablet will be for my 12 year old son who is also not a techie (sadly). He will use it to effectively upgrade from his ipod touch so user experience and functionality are key. Main uses will be :

Ø Web browsing and You Tube;

Ø Playing downloaded game demos;

Ø Game apps (Angry Birds etc) – ideally access to Android market but I understand other App stores are available;

Ø Probably would like access to iplayer, ITV player etc

I am looking for a generally smooth experience, wide choice of apps and speedy net browsing.

My questions are :

Ø Will the above be achieved / improved by upgrading from 2.2 to Vegacomb ?

Ø What are the disadvantages / bugs – will the upgrade hamper any of the things he would like to do ?

Ø Which version do I use – I assume it is 3.2 (ie VC3.2.png) ?

Ø Where is the best “step by step” guide to installing eg first you back-up, then you download this and put in that folder etc

Many thanks for any feedback you can give.

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Guest richardmlea

Hi Scooby, welcome.

Vegacomb is great, its really slick and being developed constantly but remember it is a Beta release. It will be a great improvement over the stock rom as that is a bit glitchy itself but for stability and ease of use I would recommend corvus5. It is a massive improvement over the stock rom and is very "glitch free".

If you think your son or you could live with the small issues with Vegacomb and install updates when they are released then use Vegacomb. If you want a rom that you can install and forget about it (because it’s so stable and functional) go with Corvus5.

Which version of Vegacomb is a question that constantly changes. The latest version is not necessarily the best or most stable. Remember beta's are for testing so changes made may not be better than previous versions or improvements to one part of the rom may have effected others so they don’t work as before.

There are loads of install guides available just have a search.

Here is a link to the corvus5 thread

I would recomend installing it with Vegatools.

If you do choose vegacomb Here is a guide I did for someone else quickly edited just for you :)

There are some great guides on here but you should start by installing Vegatools (and the included AUDI program (Automatic USB Driver Installer) on your PC this will help you install moddedstock on your Vega and help you to get the correct drivers installed on your pc (and let you do loads of other cool stuff to your Vega).

Here's a link to the Vegatools thread http://android.modac...__hl__vegatools

Here is the moddedstock thread for more info on moddedstock http://tabletroms.co...k-rom-base.html

You can download moddedstock from there or let Vega tools download it for you.

So First install Vegatools and its update on your pc.

Then put the Moddedstock v1.10 v2 file in c/programfiles/vegatools/resources/stockmod on you PC.

You can then open Vegatools but you need to do this as an administrator (right click on the Vegatools program and click run as administrator you will be prompted by windows to confirm this).

When you open Vegatools look at the bottom of the program window, you will see Vega status and a button to its right that says install drivers w/AUDI, press this.

Now in one you need to choose “I want to install advent stock rom using recovery mode.

Next you need to put the Vega into recovery mode and connect it to your PC.

To place the Advent Vega into NVflash recovery mode:

o Turn the Vega off by holding down the POWER button for 6 seconds

o Once off, hold the BACK button down for 2 seconds

o Then, whilst keeping the BACK button held, press and hold the POWER button for 2 seconds

o Then release just the POWER button but keep holding the BACK button for a further 2 seconds

o Release the BACK button

The Vega will not light up but it should in NVflash recovery mode

If you have done the Back button thing correctly you will be in recovery mode and the red box at the bottom will say “the recovery driver is not correctly installed proceed to step 3. Click “next step” under the red bar.

In step 3 you could probably skip part A as you have nothing you want to keep but it can’t hurt so do it anyway, then do the other 2 steps (B delete old drivers and C install correct drivers). When you do step three you will get a prompt box, select “just do it for me”, you may also be asked by windows to confirm the unverified driver, do it. You are now finished with the driver install and can go back to Vegatools to install moddedstock.

In Vegatools select moddedstock v.1.10 v2 and click install, and ok the prompt box’s that pop up. The file will be extracted, and then a command prompt will open and run automatically and send the files to the Vega. It will take about a minute and when its done you can press return (when prompted) to close the command prompt.

You are now running ModdedStock and the Vega is ready to take Vegacomb.

Once you have moddedstock up and running that’s the hard part over, you can now upgrade to Vegacomb with clockworkmod recovery and the Zip files for Vegacomb


And the latest update Honeyice


The next bit is easy and you do is all on your Vega.

Connect Your Vega to your pc and turn on media storage.

Move the Vegacomb zip files to the SD card (anywhere will do).

Unplug the Vega from the PC and on the Vega press apps and the recovery.

Your Vega will boot into clockworkmod recovery.

In clockworkmod recovery you first need to delete 3 caches (one is in advance). You can then go to advanced and select “install zip from SD card” and select the Vegacomb zip file and confirm the selection. Vegacomb will now install itself on your Vega. After the Zip is installed you can repeat the above steps (just the ones in clockworkmod recovery) and install any Vegacomb updates you have downloaded (i.e. Honey Ice).

You are now running Vegacomb, Enjoy :)

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Guest Scooby99

Hi Richard - that is absolutely great, thank you so much for taking the time to answer.

Due to my own lack of expertise on these things, I think it would be best if I run with Corvus 5 because (as far as my son's requirements go) this should be enough.

I have loads of questions about what Corvus does better than / adds to the native ROM, but to keep things simple (and not waste any kind posters' time) probably best if I just install Corvus and go from there. However, just quickly, is there a basic list somewhere of how Corvus improves the Vega ?

Thanks again for your help - I am sure this will be amongst the first of several posts from me as a novice but keen Vega user.

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Guest richardmlea

No problem, I should have sent you a link to the first page of the corvus5 thread, then you would have probably seen what corvus5 and corvus5 sp1 add in the way of features.

here's the first page, first and second posts.

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Guest simonta

Hi Scooby

Richard has given excellent responses but if I may add one small thing. iPlayer does not work on VC but does on Curvus5. You can use the iPlayer website on VC but not the app and you lose a lot through that. Ergo, if iPlayer is a desire, that's another reason to go with Corvus5. I use VC myself because I don't use iPlayer much and the recent updates to it on Tabletroms.com have made it even quicker and more stable but the upgrade path is not for uninitiated.


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Guest Scooby99

Many thanks - I will definately start with Corvus 5.

Not being a techie, I don't want to get involved in frequent updates and work-arounds, I just need something that is stable and functional. Over time, as I get used to things and bugs are ironed out of Vegacomb, I may dable but as a starting point Corvus 5 looks fine.

Thanks again for everyone's help.

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