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Vega mobile charging options

Guest Andy_E

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Guest richardmlea

Energizer do rechargeable battery packs that would work with the Vega.


Energizer XP8000 (about £80) or XP1800 (about £140).

Expensive but they can be used for lots of devices and they have a 3 year (limited) guarantee.

You will find cheaper ones on eBay but they may not be as good. just search for 12v external battery pack.

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Richard - you're a star that's exactly what I was looking for.

It's not just for my Vega... it's the whole iPad, iPod, , iPod Touch, PSP, Ninentdo DS, Smart Phone etc etc etc thing.

(sometimes I wonder how we used to manage long haul without all these "necessities")

Thanks again.

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