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Gingerbread Kernel source for Turies from ZTE

Guest burstlam

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Guest hecatae

what the ....

do i seriously need all these modules?

LD [M]  arch/arm/common/cpaccess.ko
LD [M] arch/arm/mach-msm/dma_test.ko
AS arch/arm/boot/compressed/piggy.gzip.o
LD [M] arch/arm/mach-msm/reset_modem.ko
LD [M] arch/arm/oprofile/oprofile.ko
LD [M] crypto/ansi_cprng.ko
LD [M] drivers/input/evbug.ko
LD [M] drivers/mtd/tests/mtd_erasepart.ko
LD [M] drivers/mtd/tests/mtd_nandecctest.ko
LD [M] drivers/mtd/tests/mtd_oobtest.ko
LD [M] drivers/mtd/tests/mtd_pagetest.ko
LD [M] drivers/mtd/tests/mtd_readtest.ko
LD [M] drivers/mtd/tests/mtd_speedtest.ko
LD [M] drivers/mtd/tests/mtd_stresstest.ko
LD arch/arm/boot/compressed/vmlinux
LD [M] drivers/mtd/tests/mtd_subpagetest.ko
LD [M] drivers/mtd/tests/mtd_torturetest.ko
LD [M] drivers/net/wireless/bcm4319/dhd.ko
LD [M] drivers/scsi/scsi_wait_scan.ko

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