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Faulty Vega? Lines on screen.

Guest barnzy

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I recently purchased a Vega and installed Vega Comb 3.2, followed by various apps. All was fine until a few days later when it appeared to 'crash' the screen would be black but with colour lines on and you couldn't beneath it. There is no specific app that causes it. On initial start up it works perfectly for 5-10 minutes and after using a few differents apps it will then crash. In order to remove it I can press the on/off button causing the screen to go off then come back on displaying the lock screen, then I unlock it and almost immediately afterwards the crash will occur again. Each crash appears differently, as in the screen shows different lines and different colours.

I started uninstalling apps which seemed to assist, but after a short while it was back to exactly the same. If I turn the Vega off (by holding the on/off button until it shuts down) and turn it immediately back on, the crash will occur immediately. If I turn it off and leave it overnight when I start up again I can use it unhindered for 5-10 minutes before the crashing begins again.

I have installed back to the stock rom but the problem persists. I would be very grateful for peoples thoughts, or if anyone else has experienced the same??

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Sounds like a faulty screen connection. I would return it for warranty.

Yeah thats what I thought, but just wanted to check with those more knowledgeable... shame, I was just getting in to the swing of things with the Vega!

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