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Huawei Kernel Changes

Guest pier11

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I made a clear separation of Huawei changes to kernel 2.6.27 (Android 1.5; file Pulse_Open_Source_Code_11_2009.zip). See attachement.

The point to play with such an ancient version, is that it's the last version officially supported by Qualcomm (Code Aurora) for our chip MSM7200A.

The next release of Huawei's 2.6.29 kernel (Andraid 2.1) was quite a hack on a tree that does not support our chip...

Back to 2.6.27. I figured its basis - Code Aurora's

branch: carrot.cupcake


(Or, which is the same, branch: chocolate.cupcake tag: M7201JSDCBALYA63836001)

file delta.diff - is full diff against the Code Aurora's tag.

For better undestanding of changes:

- directory newfiles - only NEW files added by Huawei to the tree

- file updated.diff - unly updates by Huawei to the original tag's files.

You may find that Huawei changes to the tree is primarily to support extra hardware on Pulse board - cameras, display buffer, etc. - that not present in Code Aurora.


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I found that closest match of Huawei's 2.6.29 series kernels to Code Aurora 'eclair' branch would be for Oct 13 2009 date.

True for Pulse(U8220), PulseMini(U8110), Ascend(M860).

I'd say labels are about:


For Eclair:

Ascend(M860) a4b272c43714cf12facafa03e216a7e5644910d8 difference: ~3.6M

PulseMini(U8110) 5865c0e84f6b22dd1a6f6592b65ba42d54126d5f difference: ~4.5M

Pulse(U8220) 5865c0e84f6b22dd1a6f6592b65ba42d54126d5f difference: ~5.7M


For Froyo

('froyo' branch):

Comet/Ideos(U8150) M76XXTSNCJNLYA6010 difference: ~2.2M July 01, 2010


For Gingerbread

('gingerbread_rel' branch):

M865 M76XXTSNCJNLYA6130 difference: ~7.2M February 25, 2011

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Checked that USB subsystem (drivers/usb/*) from Aurora's 5865c0e84f6b22dd1a6f6592b65ba42d54126d5f (Eclair, see above post) works just fine with Pulse 2.6.29 stock kernel.

The following was switched OFF in config:





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